Our competent, experienced biblical counseling team members are certified by a number of professional associations, bringing quality and knowledge with a personal touch. We help people see where they are stuck, then equip and encourage them.
"A wise man will hear and increase in learning, and a man of understanding will acquire wise counsel." Prov. 1:5


Through experience and vision, Hope Family Ministries provides:

Family Counseling

When people you love are hurt or hurting others, it can be overwhelming. God wants peace in all our family relationships. Our counselors value family and come alongside those with family challenges. Perspective, reconciliation and restoration are at the heart of our ministry.

Individual Counseling

From children to senior adults, life has struggles. Studies validate that it helps just to tell your story in a safe environment. Seeing life in the context of what God is doing brings hope and reduces the intensity associated with change. We want to equip every individual in his or her situation or life season.

Marriage Counseling

In marriage relationships the most common issues we see include love, respect, fear, trust and commitment. Ineffective communication, skills for processing life and unrealistic goals complicate time management, purpose, money management, sexuality, and emotional problems. We help couples become healthy enough to make decisions based on faith and scripture, bringing stability and longevity.

Discipleship Training

Our counseling team possesses rich resources, such as personal experience, manuals, books, workbooks and workshops. Helping groups and churches grow individually and corporately brings our team great joy, fulfilling our mission and calling. Our amazing tools can help any group come closer to the image of Christ Jesus.

Grief Counseling

Everyone at some point suffers loss. God’s Word makes that clear. Our team can help any age grieve with integrity and find peace in the midst of the challenging situation. God offers comfort in our worst times. We are experienced and equipped to come alongside during a difficult life season.

General Counseling

Everyone faces challenges, even counselors. Challenges often include: identity, anxiety, anger, fear, confusion, or many others. New chapters in life bring new challenges. We all get stuck processing life. Encouragement, perspective, and compassion go a long way in helping navigate the journey of life. On a daily basis, our counselors help people find God’s purpose and provisions, within their situation.

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